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Dog does not like his new boots

  Funny! This dog apparently is not very happy with his new boots his owner bought for him.  Looks like karate central.    

Footage of red sun taken due to smoke from AZ Wallow fire 2011

Here is some footage I took of the red sun we had for several days during the Arizona fires. This was taken in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The smoke was so thick, it filtered out the color thus causing the sun to have a pink-red color. We had ash covering everything during this heavy coverage. Footage

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Gathering of the Nations 2011 | Mens Grass Dance: HD

Video taken at the Gathering of the Nations in Albuquerque, New Mexico on April 30, 2011. The largest Pow Wow in the country. Quite a site to see. Once a young man, lame in one foot, longed ever so much to dance. He took that longing out onto the prairie, praying for guidance as he

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George Stephanopoulos on Porn Stars… oops slip of the tongue

A little slip of the tongue here by George Stephanopoulos. Good sense of humor over it. George has always been one of my favorite news and political personalities.    

Guy wake boarding down the middle of a flooded street

  This is great! These people took complete advantage of the flooding going on. A spill, though, could prove to be more painful than normal.      

Footage of polar bear trying to get aboard a ship

  Svalbard, aboard the Akademik Sergey Vavilov.  Beautiful capture of the bear checking out the ship in curiosity.  The movements are fascinating to watch.    

Come Together / Lose Yourself – MASH-UP

An original mash-up of The Beatles legendary song ‘Come Together’ with Eminems ‘Lose Yourself’.  And very well done. This opened the WWRY open mic night. Robbie White Adrian Stokes Tom Andrew Hargreaves Carly Meyers Ashley Birchall James Cook  

Oasis Mars – Billionderwall – Noy Alooshe Mashup

  Mashup between Oasis’s ‘Wonderwall’ & Travis Mccoy /Bruno Mars’s ‘Billionaire’.    

Music Video | Crazy Preacher – Scary Clown – Jesus Freak – Reverend Rob

This is one of the stranger music videos I have seen… but I must say, I LOVE it!  And the song is just as great!  Has a nice tap-your-foot beat to it.  Here is some information about the band: The Evik James Band is a gritty power pop trio based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota, set

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Hummingbird at 1/4 speed

  Photographer shot this footage with a Panasonic GH2, originally shot at 720p 60fps, slowed down to 15 fps.  

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