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Loudoun Castle Theme Park | Urbex Derelict Explore Abandoned Scotland

The park was opened in 1995 by a company based in London and has since been through the hands of showman Raymond Codona to its current owner, Henk Bembom’s Parkware Ltd. Bembom took over the park in 2002 and invested £5m during his first year there, followed by an additional £2m in the second. Bembom continued to bring new rides and attractions to the park each year, including another £2m worth of investment in 2007. In winter 2006, Parkware moved all their operations and ride stock to Loudoun from their previous storage buildings in Margate.

In September 2010 it was announced that the park had closed, Bembom stating that it was “no longer economically viable.” There are no clear indications as to the future use of the site, whether the current owners intend to sell the business on as a ‘going concern’ or if they intend to use the site for other purposes.

As of February 2011 a number of rides were for sale, including Twist n’ Shout, Goldrush, Barnstomer, Wacky Worm, Crows Nest, Freefall and Jammy Dodgems.


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Tokyo in slow motion

Fabulous video down with the work of super slow motion, quick fast forward, stop and reverse all in one feature.  The color adjustments and techniques only add to the quality of this video.

Per the site, here is the description:

Japan caught in slow. This is for my hometown.

Music Credit: Flying Lotus ft. Thom Yorke- …And the World Laughs With You

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Seattle Pike Place Market street performers, aka “Buskers”

Video of a variety of street performers at Pike Place Market in Seattle WA. Musicians and variety of other performers. In the opening band, you will see people standing behind them. Apparently, each performer is allotted x-amount of time, and when that is up, the next one in line is next to perform. The official term is called a “busker.” Each busker must apply for a license in order to perform their art in Pike Place Market.



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Having fun in Seattle WA

Fun little video I put together of my first day in Seattle WA.  Starting with time-lapsing the take-off from Albuquerque airport, scenes of Seattle, eating crab at my favorite restaurant “The Crab Pot” (in fast motion for fun effect), to various scenes around the waterfront at Elliott Bay.

When I left Albuquerque, we were still in the middle of a nine-month long drought, so I was loving the smell of the salt water upon my arrival – and the rain during my visit.



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An evening in the Emerald Green City of Seattle WA

Various footages put to video of one of my evenings in Seattle WA.  Dinner at Six-Seven on the waterfront.  Pioneer Square.  Pike Place Market.  Post Alley and the Gum Wall.



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Pike Place Fish Market, Seattle WA

Video created from the footage I took while watching the workers sell and throw fish at Pike Place Market in Seattle, Washington.  If you have never witnessed this before, should you ever visit Seattle, this is a must on any list of things to do and see.



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