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It’s a dogs day at work

Video of the day I took my two dogs into work with me.  They are both white Australian Shepherds, a mother-son duo.  The son is what is known as a “lethal white.”  Born completely deaf and blind in one eye.  He is the product of a merle-to-merle breeding.  For more details about them, please click here to go to my “Doggie Bloggie” site.

Many of the signals are subtle and difficult to catch, but you will see me “talking” to the deaf/blind dog with touch commands and hand signals.



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Seattle Pike Place Market street performers, aka “Buskers”

Video of a variety of street performers at Pike Place Market in Seattle WA. Musicians and variety of other performers. In the opening band, you will see people standing behind them. Apparently, each performer is allotted x-amount of time, and when that is up, the next one in line is next to perform. The official term is called a “busker.” Each busker must apply for a license in order to perform their art in Pike Place Market.



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Aquarius / Let the Sun Shine In – The Fifth Dimension

Video compiled of photos taken at Taos Pueblo, footage from the Gathering of the Nations Pow Wow – including The Boyz, the lunar eclipse from December, 2010, in addition to various footage of wildlife.  All put to music to the Fifth Dimensions “Aquarius / Let the Sun Shine In”.  This was one of the first videos I created.



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Portuguese Water Dog puppies at play

A puppy video to make you smile.  But then, what videos about puppies do not?  This is a litter from March 2011 belonging to Elk Run Kennels.

A little history about this breed:  The Portuguese Water Dog is a breed of working dog as classified by the American Kennel Club. Portuguese Water Dogs are originally from the Portuguese region of the Algarve, from where the breed expanded to all around Portugal’s coast, where they were taught to herd fish into fishermen’s nets, to retrieve lost tackle or broken nets, and to act as couriers from ship to ship, or ship to shore. Portuguese Water Dogs rode in bobbing fishing trawlers as they worked their way from the warm Atlantic waters of Portugal to the frigid fishing waters off the coast of Iceland where the fleets caught cod to bring home. Portuguese Water Dogs were often taken with sailors during the Portuguese discoveries.



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Having fun in Seattle WA

Fun little video I put together of my first day in Seattle WA.  Starting with time-lapsing the take-off from Albuquerque airport, scenes of Seattle, eating crab at my favorite restaurant “The Crab Pot” (in fast motion for fun effect), to various scenes around the waterfront at Elliott Bay.

When I left Albuquerque, we were still in the middle of a nine-month long drought, so I was loving the smell of the salt water upon my arrival – and the rain during my visit.



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An evening in the Emerald Green City of Seattle WA

Various footages put to video of one of my evenings in Seattle WA.  Dinner at Six-Seven on the waterfront.  Pioneer Square.  Pike Place Market.  Post Alley and the Gum Wall.



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Pike Place Fish Market, Seattle WA

Video created from the footage I took while watching the workers sell and throw fish at Pike Place Market in Seattle, Washington.  If you have never witnessed this before, should you ever visit Seattle, this is a must on any list of things to do and see.



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Whale watching in the San Juan Islands WA

Video of my trip whale watching in the San Juan Islands, Washington state.  Saw so much wildlife, it was truly breathtaking.  This video I created with the footage I took shows the best of what I witnessed, including Orca Whales, Sea Lions, Harbor Seals, Bald Eagles, and porpoises.



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